About GT

About GT

Grameen Trust (GT) is a non-profit and non-government organization committed to the cause of poverty alleviation. It was established by Professor Muhammad Yunus in 1989. It supports, promotes and implements poverty focused microfinance, social business and other programs around the world. It also provides training and technical assistance to microfinance organizations and social business initiatives.  GT strives to create an international network of people and organizations focused in the area of fighting poverty and assisting the poor with financial and other services.

GT has two broad programs:

  • Social Business (SB)
  • Grameen Bank Replication program (GBRP)

Other programs of GT include the following:

  •  Grameen Dialogue, Training, Workshop, Technical Assistance, Monitoring, Evaluation, Audit, Internship, Publication. Networking etc.

Social Business
Grameen Trust is committed to the development of social business. It organizes social business workshops and supports social business initiatives by providing information and investment. Grameen Trust is engaged in Social Business Initiatives with Grameen Intel Social Business, Grameen Shakti Samajik Byabosha Ltd. And GTS (Grameen Trust Samapan). It also supports Nobin Udyokta program.

Grameen Bank Replication Program
GT implements Grameen Bank Replication Program (GBRP) and supports partners who serve the poor following Grameen Bank Approach. Till date it has provided support to 151 replication partners in 41 countries of the world.

  • Direct Implementation
  • Joint Collaboration
  • Through Partners

Direct Implementation Program
Given the challenges of establishing sustainable microfinance programs in difficult areas and situations, Grameen Trust has introduced direct implementation program following Grameen Bank approach.

  • Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
  • Build, Operate and Manage (BOM)
  • Build, Operate and Own (BOO)

Joint Collaboration
GT partners with local organizations to implement microcredit programs in different countries. GT provides the technical assistance while the host organization provides the financial support.

GBRP Through Partners
Grameen Trust (GT) supports and promotes poverty focused microcredit programs all over the world.

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