Internal Social Business Design Lab at Gournodi, Barisal

Grameen Trust (GT) organized its 78th Internal Social Business Design Lab at Gournodi, Barisal on November 15, 2016. The lab was held at Karitash Auditorium in Gournodi, Barisal. This was the 1st design lab of GT which was held outside Dhaka.

The design lab was chaired by Professor H. I. Latifee, Managing Director, Grameen Trust. Seventeen potential Nobin Udyoktas from Bhanga unit of Faridpur district and Gournodi unit of Barisal district presented their proposals. Out of seventeen proposals, fifteen proposals were approved and two proposals were sent for review. Total amount of approved investment to fifteen projects was Tk 13,00,000(USD 16,667).

Grameen Trust (GT) organized its 83rd  Internal Social Business Design Lab at Grameen Trust Conference Room, Dhaka on November 29, 2016. Till November 29, 2016, GT has approved a total of 2,552 Nobin Udyokta projects (NUPs) with the equity investment of Tk 28,44,62,500 (USD 36,00,791). The projects include shop, livestock and fisheries, factory, cottage industry, business, service and transportation, etc.

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