Grameen Dialogue

The Dialogue program is intended for potential Grameen replicators and other microcredit practitioners. It is the first step in the development of a partnership with Grameen Trust (GT). It provides immersion into the Grameen milieu and assists in the design of Grameen-type programs. It facilitates a widening of the network of individuals and organizations using microcredit as an instrument for poverty alleviation.

During dialogue program, participants see Grameen operations on the ground, attend centre meetings, interview borrowers, learn about their lives and livelihoods and try to understand how collateral free microcredit helps them overcome their poverty. They also talk to the Grameen staff at different levels (branch, area, zone and head office) to understand the philosophy, tools and techniques of the Grameen methodology and to examine whether using these will serve the poor in their own localities.

It is also an excellent forum for getting acquainted with people and institutions working in the area of poverty alleviation through provision of credit. It provides an opportunity for mutual learning and sharing of experiences of how to start such programs and how to sustain them. The essentials of the Grameen methodology are discussed with special reference to the country context in which replication is proposed.

The first Grameen International dialogue Program was held on May 4-16, 1991. Till June 2014, Grameen Trust has organized 66 International Dialogue Programs including 10 Commonwealth Dialogue and 2 Arabic Dialogue, 4 National Dialogue and one Exposure Evaluation Dialogue. 1242 participants from 120 countries of Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe, North, South and Central Americas participated in this program.

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