The Grameen Trust set up a research/reference library in 1994. It is intended for use by the organizations of Grameen Family and other individuals/organizations working in the field of poverty alleviation. The library contains over 14,500 documents, which include development tests ans studies, journals, booklets, news articles and other poverty-related literature. The library collection also include a wide range of information on the Grameen Bank and Grameen Replication projects worldwide. Grameen Trust hopes to create a specialized library of poverty, credit and development-related literature collected from all over the world.

Document List:
Books 4473
Reports 2497
Periodicals 7149
Other Documents 1592
Total 14551

Main Subjects Lists:

  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Gender
  • Grameen Bibliography
  •  Health
  • Human Development
  • Human Rights
  • Micro credit
  • Research and Development
  • Rural Development
  • Social Development
  • World Development


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