Sumon Deb Nath, a single 29 year old entrepreneur who passed HSC, started a small electronics business at the tender age of fifteen. With the help of Grameen Trust, this Nobin Udyokta (New Entrepreneur) was able to expand his own electronic business, titled, `New Shoborna Electronics’. He is the proud maker of the Green Micro IPS generator. After working with a wide array of electronics, Sumon knew that he was especially efficient with generators so he decided to focus all of his energies on making IPS generators with his own name brand. He knew that in order for his goal of creating one of Bangladesh’s most energy-saving and popular generators to become a reality, he would need more money so that he could buy the highest quality parts instead of the medium quality ones that he was accustomed to. After seeing his mother Lakhi Bala Nath receive loans from Grameen Bank and better her life as well as the lives of his siblings, Sumon knew that turning to the socially responsible Grameen Trust would be his best bet.


He presented his business plan at Grameen Trust’s 6th Internal Executive Design Lab. The proposal was appreciated and Sumon was able to receive an investment of 1,50,000 BDT (equivalent to USD 1,923) from GT. Combined with 3,00,000 BDT (equivalent to USD 3,846) of his own, Sumon knew that his dream would soon become a reality. Sumon buys IPS parts mainly from Nababpur, Dhaka and some small parts from Chandpur. After assembling full functioning generators, Sumon ship them to Chittagong. Small IPS are sold with a six month warranty and big or high-voltage IPS are sold with a two year warranty. These warranties give buyers confidence in Sumon’s products and encourage positive word-of-mouth too.

Sumon started his own business fifteen years ago with initial capital of 20,000 BDT (equivalent to USD 256). Today his business, after receiving support from Grameen Trust, generates monthly income of more than 25,000 BDT (equivalent to USD 320). His brother is working as his staff. By employing his brother, Sumon is providing an income source for him and also giving him insight on the type of work needed in order to become a successful entrepreneur in the future if he wishes to do so. Sumon is hopeful in expanding his business by assembling generators on a large scale and thus employing more staff which will contribute to society at a higher level.

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