Tusar Kanti Saha, a Nobin Udyokta

Tusar Kanti Saha is an innovative Nobin Udyokta (New Entrepreneur) supported by Grameen Trust. He is the son of Ms. Minoti Rani Saha who has been a proud member of Grameen Bank, Ramrasdi, Puran Bazar Branch of Chandpur since February, 2006. He and his family faced a lot of hardships as he lost his father in his childhood. He has one brother and one sister. Due to financial crisis, Tusar took the responsibilities of his family at his early age and was not able to continue his study after H.S.C.


Tusar started his business of producing candles, agar-bati etc. with the capital he received from his mother to improve the financial condition of his family. Gradually, he has expanded his business with the increased loan that his mother received from Grameen Bank. He took part in GT Social Business workshop held at Chandpur.

Tusar presented his business plan “M/S Shanti Chemical Works

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